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About Clover

Clover Sterling  (M.Ost) Masters in Osteopathic Medicine       


Clover trained at the distinguished British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, where she attained a Masters degree. A component of her osteopathic training enabled her to develop her holistic massage skills to sports injury, where she treated participants of the 2011 and 2012 London marathon on behalf of Arthritis UK.  In addition, Clover has been a qualified Pilate’s teacher, fitness teacher /instructor and physical trainer for 15 years, and continues further education to specialise in clinical Pilate’s, corrective movement and rehabilitative exercise.                                                                                   
Clover applies a collective of hands-on techniques such as soft tissue release, articulation, mobilisation and manipulation, whilst incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to client’s pain/injury management, health and wellbeing, through prescriptive exercise, education and naturopathic and nutritional  advice.  

I believe when clients have a better understanding of the anatomy of their pain and injury, they can be instrumental in their recovery, injury prevention and recurrence.     

Current Study

I am currently studying sports nutrition with "Precision Nutrition ". I have continued to develop my rehabilitation & movement corrective skills on the Certified Applied Functional Science course. 

Clover Sterling Registered Osteopath
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